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    I want to see you be brave!

    Several years ago I was standing in the kitchen with a good friend when I was confronted with a truth about myself that I wasn’t aware of.

    Something hidden from my consciousness. Something covert. Something I didn’t want to acknowledge.

    He said to me “Be brave!”

    That was over 12 years ago and I still recall that moment, that kitchen, and that message. It has been a personal mantra to me since then. I thought about it when I watched this young woman in the picture jump off a cliff into Crater Lake.

    (No.. that’s not me in the bikini.. 🙃)

    I think “Be brave” every time I am faced with a new challenge or a difficult relationship or words that need to be spoken in order to move forward.

    I tell myself “Be brave” when I cannot fly across the country to see my son and daughter in law and two precious grandsons because of the threat of COVID19.

    Be brave, cultivate courage, move forward, go to your edges, be uncomfortable.

    Explore the unexplored, envision a different ending to your story.

    Reclaim parts of yourself that have been left at the curb. Be curious. What makes you light up and gives you energy? How do you reconnect and rediscover what’s been ignored and left behind? What needs your attention right now?

    Eleanor Roosevelt says “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

    Pick one thing today. Follow the thread. Find the magic ball of yarn with the little treasures woven inside. Take a chance.

    Be brave.

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