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    Why Therapy?

    People who seek therapy disclose many of the following concerns:

    I need peace and quiet.

    I am yearning for connection.

    What is my passion?

    I want to find my inner voice.

    I have lost my job, (my child, my lover, my husband, my wife).

    I am up against an important choice and I don’t know which way to go.

    I am sick of my own mental chatter.

    I want to rediscover an inner strength I had when I was younger.

    How do I link the spiritual path to everyday life?

    I have lost my soul.

    I am afraid of the unknown.

    I want to dwell in the present moment more, and in the past or the future less.

    I no longer know what I believe in.

    I long for beauty.

    The wounds of childhood are haunting me.

    I’ve fallen out of love with my partner and I want to find myself back in love.

    I regret the joy I have missed, the unlived parts of my life.

    I am in a new stage of my life.

    I am tired of being so cynical.

    I am always angry.

    I have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

    I want to have fun.

    I have nostalgia for something I cannot name.


    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~ Lao Tzu